Pre-Fall 2019

New York in the 1920s and the 1980s; different periods but both challenging times due to political, economic and social change. The 20s, where the introduction of the women’s vote brought a new sense of freedom through feminine self-expression, and the 1980s where public resistance to the President and protests for equality saw fashion at its most expressive and at its most bold. Drawing inspiration from these eras, Roland Mouret’s Pre- Fall 2019 collection transcends his vision of clothes that are tailored to the practical needs and unique identity of the dynamic Roland Mouret woman.

Committed to understanding and acknowledging the countless values of a woman, the collection sees a transition to more relaxed, looser silhouettes that give women the freedom to live life without restrictions. Through the use of longer hemlines and fuller skirts, gowns and dresses challenge the use of volume to enhance statement, fluid silhouettes.

Batwing bomber jackets, wide leg culottes and playful oversized bows reinforce the presence of volume throughout the collection. Bold prints make a statement against ultralight weight swirl chiffon, sheer lace and ornamental lames. Knitwear is rejuvenated in contrasting stripes and elsewhere, Mouret challenges the balance of masculine and feminine attitudes with the juxtaposition of tailored suits and delicate blouses with ruffle details. The vibrant contradiction of autumnal colours, prints and strong silhouettes come together to create an eclectic collection.

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