Original soundtrack by MODE-F (Alexander Maxwell, Laurent Ballot, Nano De Clausel)

This collection is inspired by the Palais Royal in Paris. It’s a place that I love, a place full of chaos yet at peace. Characters such as Jean Cocteau and Sarah Bernhardt were frequent visitors to the park, using the space as a source of archaic inspiration. A quiet hush from the chattering of Paris.

When Buren had the opportunity to transform the park he used abstract pieces that initially caused mass uproar.

Thirty five years later it remains one of the most beautiful contradictions in Paris. It is what Paris is, both wild and tame. A garden that is as much as it is not,how the world becomes the opposite of what the world is.

The wish to be lost and the need to be found.

I like contradictions. Today I shall contradict myself. That is the one way I have of asserting my liberty.

Enjoy the show!