The Resort 2014 collection has been evolved around three inspirations; Modern Reality of Colour, the Silver Screen and the Look Book.

Modern Reality of Colour – The reality of colour in today’s society, the use of colours are now therapeutic. They give the wearer what the weather no longer can…a sunny day.

Silver Screen – Influence of the silver screen flows through the whole collection, this is embodied by the red carpets of Cannes in the 50’s and the romantic vision of Monaco. It is an old school romance with the 21st century attitude. Linking with the idea that nature is no longer an idyll, it is tougher – mirroring the modern reality of now. This directly influences the ‘paradise’ print and links with the notion of the therapeutic nature of colour.

The Look Book – We have established our cult project (the dress) and now the look book symbolizes the evolution of the company through the further development of separates. This allows for strong women to further interpret the collection through their own eyes. It is not about body type but about attitude.

There are two new eyewear shapes for the season. Still feeding from the original influence of the intricacies of a paperclip, they have been developed with a single hinge and continue to act as an evolution of the company’s DNA. They embody a youth attitude and, like the collection, follow the idea of homeopathy of colour/colour therapy.