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Introducing “Palais Royal” a short film by Constance Maillet and Victor Gueret for Roland Mouret.

“The film conveys a different perception of femininity. I love that film inspires you to revisit yourself, bringing out emotion through picture. It allows you to revisit the icon inside of you, and young directors like Constance and Victor have the ability to define the sensuality in their own way.” – Roland Mouret

Their aesthetic take on the Roland Mouret experience and SS14 collection will be embodied through further content and videos to coincide with product releases later this year.

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The Making of “Palais Royal”

Watch the making of the new “Palais Royal” short film to see creative duo Constance Maillet and Victor Gueret at work.

The film was shot in Paris and mainly focuses on the Roland Mouret SS14 collection. Roland Mouret has launched an initiative to nurture young talent within the film industry who be working with for two consecutive seasons, with this being Constance and Victor’s first season and continuing into AW14.