For the launch of the Resort 2014 collection, Roland Mouret explores the reality of women who enjoy being women, a concept that has been realised through Mimi Xu, Music Director and Sound Designer, who features in the campaign.

“Together with Sophia we decided to evolve our approach towards how women wear my clothes, focusing on women who enjoy being women. We were interested in the reality of a woman in her age and her own life. This led us to Mimi who embodies a sense of independence, of female empowerment and is a modern woman in a man’s world. She has uniqueness, being a DJ and being in music, she has an amazing attitude and sense of self which is clearly expressed in how she moves. Even the best model cannot give you that on camera because they only give you an aesthetic shape, whereas Mimi gave us a part of herself during that photo shoot that created a real moment.” – Roland Mouret

“For the Resort collection we wanted to explore a new dialogue, attaching the clothes in a less predictable concept. Roland is the king of the fitted dress and we wanted to bring out what already exists inside the collection, but for a different woman to project her own identity inside of his brand DNA. We looked at who best represented that woman to collaborate with and Mimi Xu with her prominent, androgynous yet sexy aesthetic ticked all those boxes; talented, professional, creative, she is a mother with a real sense of life. Going forward we will draw others into the Roland Mouret universe to represent the Pre-Fall and Resort Collections.” – Sophia Neophitou