Meet Tiphaine de Lussy, the creative influencer featured in Roland Mouret’s Pre Fall 14 Campaign.

Born in Paris and settled in London, Tiphaine is a knitwear designer who has a background spanning a wide range of creative endeavours including both two degrees in knitted textiles, University lecturing on textile, fashion, design and knitwear, two labels- Miss Fleur (children’s wear) and Paris Essex (Knitwear), and involvement in projects such as the Fairbourne Reservoir and an exclusive capsule collection for Wolsey.

Regarding Tiphaine, Artistic Director Sophia Neophitou- Apostolou said “One of the reasons we chose Tiphaine is definitely because of her sort of independent, creative, eclectic eccentricity. She’s French, she’s incredibly chic, but not to serious or too stiff with it. There is a real freedom in the way she approaches fashion.”

Tiphaine describes herself as:

“Passionate about knitting: textures, techniques, colours, yarns, angora, mohair, glitter… to make a fabric from a thread… magic! I love fashion, dressing up and having fun with clothes.

I have two amazing, talented and beautiful daughters; Seraphine (21) and Agathe (19) and am married to Dinos Chapman. I also have accidentally coordinated pets (not on purpose): 2 female tortoiseshell cats, Lilly and Lola; and 2 female brindle boxer dogs, Snoopy and Woody.

I’m madly sporty, I was a competition swimmer in my teens then a swimming teacher and life-guard in my early 20’s. I love, love snorkelling and free diving! I also run 3 times a week (10k each time), swim once or twice a week (2500m each time), one session each of pilates, tennis coaching and gym session (boring!) a week.

I’m fascinated by storytelling: books and films… I am so jealous of the power of writers and filmmakers have to take you on journeys!!!”